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BOCĂNEALĂ LUCICA PFA | CUI: 31568737 | Nr. Reg. Con. F17/420/2013 | Liesti, Galati


Sunati acum! 0757 407 777

Had to load all my stuff into the festival organizer Boler

Had to load all my stuff into the festival organizer Boler

We decided to honour Susan with a mentorship program, putting on concerts with young performers in a professional environment.Destrub considers his quartet the academy producer; while Music on Main is the academy concert presenter. Beyond a small registration fee there are no further costs to the chosen string players.are 19 this year, some still in high school, some with Masters degrees. He not able to participate this summer, violinist Bruno Cavalca was featured as both performer and composer last year and found the entire Kessler Academy experience everything he could have wished for.was a broad range of experience among the players, but we were all very serious about it.

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